About Us

About Us

Tackling the needs of our veterans is what drives our organization. We are committed to improving the education and wellness opportunities for veterans and military families. The SDVA is an organization designed to support veterans and their families in the South Dade Community.

The vision to create this much needed organization was placed on our founder's heart by God. With absolutely no means to get this done, Julie was inspired to follow God's calling and set forth on what she thought was an impossible task.

But 'God is Able' and this knowledge kept driving her to push forward. The establishment of the South Dade Veterans Alliance is a perfect testament of "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13. She was blessed to have the ear of Lady Betty Brooks who immediately joined in with her to make it all happen.

The Board of Directors of the St. Peters Community Development Corporation then opened their hearts and ears to the vision of Julie Robison and Betty Brooks. These two women are veterans who are committed to continue serving our nation through providing support to our veterans.

Julie Robison is a US Army Veteran, Administrator/Field Artillery Solider and former employee of the Miami VA Hospital. Betty Brooks, a Nurse, served in the military as an Aviation Specialist. She shared the experience of service while navigating through the VA Healthcare System. Their experiences led them to create the South Dade Veterans Alliance.

Mission Statement

The South Dade Veterans Alliance is a non-profit organization designed to provide services for the veterans populations and families residing in and around South Dade Communities.  

Our mission is to engage and empower veterans in regaining their lives, and the life of their communities by eliminating threats of homelessness through employment, education, family enrichment, housing, family and cultural enrichment and community restoration. 

Through our partnerships with federal, state, and local community veteran’s initiatives we are able to provide an array of direct services and referrals services all veterans and/or their families upon request for  assistance. Special emphasis is placed upon wartime veterans or their survivors. These services include: benefit counseling, homeless housing assistance, employment and training opportunities educational assistance, healthcare enrollment assistance and civil rights restoration and family enrichment. 

Our United States Veterans

Whether in times of war or peace, veterans have devoted their lives to the service of our country and all that America stands for. These men and woman made sacrifices without thought that their service would be a lifetime commitment. They give their all to protect our nation's freedom. South Dade Veterans Alliance honors veterans every day, everywhere!

Board Of Directors

Robert J. Brooks

US Army Veteran

Alma Bratley

Sister of a Veteran

Aletha McMillian

Daughter & Grand-daughter of a Veteran

Brandon Bratley

Nephew of a Veteran

Perry Cooper

Brother of a Veteran

Tracy Scott

Cousin of a Veteran

Tamika Mills

Executive Assistant

Our Staff

Julie Robison

US Army Veteran

Fanelofe Aiken

Spouse of a Veteran